Penetration Testing/Vulnerability Assessment

FALCON testing team will identify any weaknesses present in your network, they will then demonstrate and quantify those weaknesses and deliver a report on the countermeasures required to eliminate those weaknesses.

Once the appropriate legal documentation has been agreed the testing/assessment team is able to conduct assessments against all types of networks and applications, including wireless networks, VOIP networks, PSTN telephone networks and web applications. Using custom toolkits and well established commercial tools the vulnerability assessment team is able to provide a unique and thorough assessment the likes of which are not possible using automated vulnerability scanners.

This service comprises of the following stages:

Threat Identification

Identification of the threats to you key information assets. This includes an evaluation of the sensitivity or criticality of the information assets.

Vulnerability Analysis

Identification of any vulnerabilities present within the tested network or application

Risk Assessment

This stage is an assessment of the probability that identified vulnerabilities would be exploited and the impact of any exploitation. The evaluation of risks takes into account the sensitivity of threatened information with every recommendation based around BS7799


This stage identifies any countermeasures to reduce risks to acceptable levels

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