Computer Forensic Archiving

Forensic archiving of email is an issue that is relevant to both the public and private sectors. The benefits can been seen by all: limiting corporate liability, demonstrating good governance and generating cost savings (e.g. by fulfilling subject access requests quickly and reducing IT department workload).

The need to comply to regulatory and legal standards has now placed an even greater emphasis on businesses to adhere to policies and procedures. Not just for securing data and how that data is used, but more importantly for business continuity which is at the forefront of many corporate strategies.

All businesses and public bodies have a need to communicate. Increasingly, this communication is performed across the Internet and not a day goes by without news of yet another security incident or a network being breached by attackers. Email is now a business critical communication and often a legally binding document.

Email and electronic document archives are corporate property, making organisations responsible for the content and use of corporate email. Inadequate email management can expose an organisation to enormous risks. Failure to retain documents and records may result in court action against an organisation. Electronic documents and emails are admissible evidence in a court of law or employment tribunal.

FALCON supplies a range of robust solutions designed to protect both the employer and employee by increasing privacy and confidentiality and preventing email from being searched illicitly.
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